Why Caravan Windows Should Be Airtight

Windows and doors play an important role in any caravan vehicle. They help in regulating natural light in the caravan, regulation of temperatures and they offer a chance to see the beautiful scenery as you pass through scenic areas. However, it comes a time when they need replacement. What are the signs that you need to replace the windows and doors?

Extra information about caravan replacement windows


When you start noticing some cracks in the doors or windows, it is time to get caravan replacement windows. Cracks in windows and doors cannot be repaired and therefore they require replacement. Remember that the size of the crack doesn't matter and therefore even the slightest cracks should be dealt with as soon as they occur. It would be unfortunate if the crack extended and the pane fell apart while on a trip.


If your caravan has double glazed windows or doors, and they start to delaminate, you should start thinking of replacing them. Once the delamination begins, it progresses slowly and cannot be reversed. In advanced stages, it is possible for the outer pane to get detached when driving at high speeds. It is therefore in your best interest to replace them.

Failure to close

Sometimes, you may require a lot of energy to close just a window or door. In addition, some doors and windows may not close properly even after using so much energy. In some cases, the lock may be faulty and this poses a security threat for you.


Crazing causes unsightly scratches on the doors or windows which may either result from the use of inappropriate cleaning liquids and materials. The windows and doors may still be functional but it prevents a clear vision of the beautiful scenery and your caravan looks terrible. Replacing the windows and doors ensures that your caravan looks good and that you can clearly see the surrounding regions.


This is common for double glazed windows where moisture permeates through the acrylic and condenses. The rate of condensation will differ but when it starts, you had rather start preparing yourself to replace the affected windows and doors.

Why you require air tight windows and doors

You may travel during different seasons. This necessitate means to regulate the temperature and air inside the caravan. This is hard to do when your windows and doors are not air tight. It also poses a security threat since it becomes easier to open the windows and doors from the outside. If you are in places where there are wild animals, you may be attacked during the night.